Berill Color: ranges from red, pink to pale green and yellow.

Description: Everyone admires the green fire emeralds and aquamarines watery blue charm, but not many know that they are different colors of the same mineral: beryl. There are many other stones beryl family much less known, like their cousins. Pink and peach Morgan, named after the collector of precious stones extraordinary JP Morgan; geliodor, also known as golden beryl; rare red beryl, which is as red as emerald green, pale green beryl, which is a green version of aquamarines and colorless beryl, or Goshen, who brags glitter beryl family. In fact, the word "shine" probably comes from the ancient Greek word berullos (beryl), which means "crystal".

Symbolism: This stone magically linked to thinking and human intelligence. It is a talisman, protect the lives of long journeys. A particularly clean and uniform, it helps in the research and studies in philosophy.