1910, 1942, 1974, 2006

Storks - strangers, but they are very tied to the relatives and friends. Despite the attraction to the movements, they still returned to his home. Man with totems Stork - silent Odinochka, odnolyub. He looked only to their strength. People-Stork is the seal of melancholy or rejection, they may be difficult to fit into society. High charisma of the year - insight far beyond what is given enat others. The appearance of a person with totems Stork is the overall leanness, thoughtfulness, he has several elongated face and long legs.

Antitotem evident in the florid, zamusorennoy spam word speech, violation of the coordination of movements, lyubveobilii and disregard for their own home, to their pupils, in the habit of sowing discord around him and squabbles. In such a man short legs, the skin of warts, blurred face.

Stork was born in the year: Salieri, Paganini, Bakunin, Lermontov, Isadora Duncan, Einstein, Wrangell, Stalin, Reagan.