1907, 1939, 1971, 2003

Children born in the year, are under special control of their past in the other world of ancestors. Family for their holy and inviolable. People with totems ram not think themselves out of clan, family or national traditions. For them, most importantly the involvement of large masses in their case, but inside they are quiet and obedient. Without energy the team - they are pathetic white horses. Baranja need leadership. They will have to be associated with the land, to sow reasonable, good, eternal. People of this year, neither fat nor thin, they kucheryavye hair, eyes, eyes a little bit and put more teeth.

Antitotem - a man without roots, no traditions, defiling her race and ancestors, marauder, cosmopolitan, perceiving all the worst that is in his family. He believes that everything around - a herd of sheep, and only he is worthy of veneration.

In the year of sheep born: B. Belinsky, Ferenc Liszt, Charles Dickens, T. Mann, M. Skobelev, R. Koch, A. Lunacharsky, Jack London, L. Landau.