1920, 1952, 1984

Year Badger linked to memories of the past, with the depository, funds, banks, warehouses, heavy load of memories. A year is considered to be strong, stable. The man with the totems to be very assiduous owner, frugal and practical, workable and fairly secretive. He always has a lot of decisions on his appearance and actions can not be judged on what he does. The main cause of his life, he can keep secret, even from the closest people. The figure of a man of such dense, inclined to corpulence, a person is drawn, the growth medium, elongated eyes. Barsuki always lived memories and very conservative. Their distinguishing feature - the ability to logic and mathematics, the gift of a researcher and psychologist.

Antitotem - jaunty, light, greedy, disorderly, unreliable and ill-natured, he was not to believe, and hates people.

In the year of Badger born the Buddha, Copernicus, Spinoza, N Lobachevskii, Freud, Bekhterev, Makhno, Kozhedub, G. Yavlinsky