1916, 1948, 1980

This year, creates a crime against the innocent, the evil acts in the guise of goodness in that year. The more people fuss and mechutsya - so much the worse for them, the more comes back to them what they wanted to escape ( "squirrel in a wheel"). In this year's must guard against spoilage. A person with a demonstrated totems Proteins alive, intelligent, housewifely, nimble, very efficient, always striving to create a family. The nature of the protein rough, possible depression, recession. However, the death they are not afraid to - take it as a move to the other world. In their affections and habits Proteins are very conservative. A man with manifested totems Proteins - agile, slim, with fine features. His eyes are constantly in motion.

Antitotem manifests itself in pettiness, slowness, in the fear of death. His body fat and bulging eyes.

Proteins were born in the year: Julius Caesar, Shakespeare, Descartes, Galileo, Mozart, Engels, Feuchtwanger, Modigliani, Leontyev.