1913, 1945, 1977, 2009

This year, the beauty and harmony, love, hate winning. This year legislation. Totem Year - Bober, a sacred animal Advisury-Anahity, mistress of heaven water, the goddess of Nature. Characteristics of beaver, diligence, orderliness, prudence, hospitality, firm belief. Such people have always followed the ritual, and develop their own world, in full accordance with your peace of heaven, that is nice and safe. He will never lose heart - every time something develops, restores or repairs, the master of his own hands. A man with manifested totems beaver is a dense body, with bulky thighs. He loves his family and has several children.

Antitotem makes a man slut, he does not cherish family ties, waived their children and easy to change the life orientation.

In the year of beaver born: Aivazovsky, Ivan Pavlov, S. Kovalevskaya, Picasso, Alexander A. Kerensky, Franklin Roosevelt, A. Camus.