1919, 1951, 1983

This year the world. In this year should try to pay its debts, a lot of work to be able to obey. People born in the year, a little passive. They are the soul of the child, they need care, the shepherd, they need the additional stimulus for development. For unselfishness, kindness, gentleness, his ability to endure, to help others, treat people - for all this waiting for their reward. Tour - idealist by nature, it is soft, like wax, it is very tender, vulnerable soul, it is easy to insult and humiliate. However, because of their beliefs, for their loved ones, especially for children, it would be death. Outwardly it is a fairly well-fed people, women differ opulent bust.

Antitotem manifested as anxiety, lack of humility, aggressiveness and virulence, refractoriness and desire at any cost to insist on her. These people are often distinguished by a noticeable leanness.

In the year of the Tour was born: Nostradamus, St. Seraphim of Sarov, N. Bestuzhev, Schiller, Vrubel, A. Makarenko.