1914, 1946, 1978, 2010

Turtles are always quite secretive, slow, self-confident, go for the beaten track, prikarmlivayut lot toady and prizhivalok. Do turtles excellent memory, they are returned to the same - like "water in a mortar tolkut. Such people will always indicate some sort of a goal and trying to slowly but steadily to follow. High charisma of the year is related to wisdom and harmony in the relationship with nature, the knowledge of world order. It is considered a good sign if the person of the year of birth is very dense, thick skin, but on the back there are several alternating dark marks.

Antitotem evident in the absence of "a snail's shell." These people are nervous and easily excited, trying to create a synthetic "shell", try different masks to protect themselves, but easy to fall into dependence on others.

Turtles were born in the Year: Ivan IV the Terrible, Boyle, Lyudovig XVI, Paul 1, Alexander II, Karl Marx.