1926, 1958, 1990

During these years, frequent wars, revelations. This year could mark the beginning of any new course. Gepard quickly runs instantly osvaivat large space, can live in extreme conditions. Gepard is always striving to anticipate any danger, "the all the ins and outs. He likes to fight, but in some cases can retreat to, gaining strength, again attacked in the rear. People-Gepard belligerent, aggressive, with the indomitable temper, courageous, cunning. Know how to play and turn over. A man with a cheetah shown totems - an honest man, a noble fighter, to a life i taut, fry, the cat's gratsiozym, but very strong, hard look.

Antitotem trusliv, weak, pitiful, illegible in the relationship.

In the year cheetah born Delvig, Pyotr Stolypin, K. Stanislavsky, V. Vernadsky, Alexander Dovzhenko, Marilyn Monroe, Fidel Castro, Madonna, Michael Jackson, K. Kinchev.