1923, 1955, 1987

Year associated with the search for higher meaning, with harmony, beauty, beginning with the manifestation of the mother. Year Lani - year inspection rights to the conscience. People with different totems Lani grace, elegance of shape, easy gait, aristocratism subtlety and style. They are easy to learn for divinely beautiful eyes with povolokoy. They are romantic by nature, artistically, capricious, subtle feel and are experiencing. They usually pronounced themselves in the art. They lack reason and common sense.

Antitotem linked to the brutality great rationality and sedentary lifestyles. These people are filth, they have short thick legs and oplyvshee person. Nevertheless, they like to dress up in beautiful clothes, which only emphasizes their ugliness. Women born in the Year Lani, the influence of totem and antitotema is noticeable especially hard.

In the year Lani born: Genghis Khan, Swift, Beaumarchais, Washington Ryleev, Conan Doyle, Chekhov, Prokofiev, M. Bulgakov