The Swan

1928, 1960, 1992

Year Cygni is linked to the spiritual association of people. In the material sense, these people seriously. During this year you can not defile the water. In the year can be miracles, in the worst case - a manifestation of greed, deception, intrigue zakupisnye, promises that are not met. For the man with manifested totems Cygni characteristic unselfishness, pride, loyalty to high ideals, the propensity to samouglubleniyu and meditation. At the material 6laga it does not pay any attention. He locked in his inner world and what is cut off from the outside world, but very expensive privyazchiv to his people, and very faithful in love. It is very privyazchiv may zachahnut without friends. The man with the totems Cygni long graceful neck.

Antitotem shown as irrepressible greed fixated on material issues, falsity, infidelity, and unreliability.

Lebed was born in the year of Peter the Great, V. Bazhenov, Botkin, Fourier, Toulouse-Lautrec, GK Zhukov, K. Rokossovsky, Maradona