1908, 1940, 1972, 2004

The man, who was born in the year, should maintain the highest creativity in yourself and in the surrounding people. It needs to be deft, nimble, ready at any time to join the fight against evil and to destroy any dirt. High charisma associated with this year - the eternal life won death. Mangoost - a symbol of constancy, fidelity, speed, skill instantly navigate to any situation. People associated with the totems, must be able to react quickly to any changes that need to be surprises and unpredictable in his behavior, but always very frank. A favorable sign if the person of the year of birth and mobile thin arms and legs, and slightly reminiscent of the dance movements.

If it tup, helpless and cumbersome and, moreover, Kovar and false - then it started to exude traits antitotema.

In the year of Mongoose born: Bossche, Be'renger, Herzen, I. Repin, Nietzsche, D. Tuhmanov, John Lennon, Andrei Mironov.