1900, 1932, 1964, 1996

These years of construction, major plans and projects that are beginning to put into practice. Year of the people. Those who showed totem Eagle differ proud bearing, beautiful, as if chased profile, well-raised voice, the ability to keep their dignity in any society. These people do not think themselves out of the team, outside of his clan, they can bring themselves to sacrifice a great cause. People-Eagles providyat future. They are - the defenders of nationhood, they are not afraid of any obstacles and barriers. Many do not like them for aristocratism, high ideals, the knight's behavior. In private life, these people are very ascetic.

Antitotem manifest as malignancy, incontinence, polyphagia, slaver, prilipchivost, grubbiness. Such people are often vypuchennye eye tonyusenkie hands and long thin legs.

In the year of the Eagle was born: Leonardo da Vinci, Marquis de Sad, George Sand, Sklifosovsky, Nicholas II, A. Tarkovsky