1930, 1962, 1994

Started in abundance, out of the crisis. Donkey - a symbol of peace and stability, patience, a great inner strength. Totem ass in a man of great performance, endurance, patience, peacefulness, docile, quiet, ability and desire to do much with his hands, great modesty. Such a person of any circumstances reasonably suitable and balanced, has a solid character, but for the work he needs any additional impulse. When a troubled world, in times of conflict and turmoil donkey becomes a passive, closed and stubborn, is unwilling to do anything. It is considered a favorable sign, if a person born in the year of the donkey, long oval face, strong, slightly protruding forward teeth, large ears.

If a person trusliv, trifles, pohotliv - an expression antitotema.

In the year of the donkey born: Pozharsky, Hegel, Kruzenshtern, Beethoven, Nakhimov, Wells, Garci'a Lorca, Remarque, Yeltsin, Gorbachev.