1911, 1943, 1975, 2007

Spider - Odin of the symbols of the Absolute. His eight lapok represent eight of the world, and the Web serves as a symbol of the universe. Spider Year - the year of acquisition, and a supreme sense of harmony. People with totems Spider shown themselves quietly and modestly. They like to create any association, it is like to weave its web. Spider Totem associated with cognition, knowledge, destroys the darkness won ignorance. Spider slow, purposeful, grasping sensitive. In such a person should be long hands, tenacious fingers, it should well be able to work with your hands - to sew, knit, spin, knit, patch... Spider itself quietly, modestly, as if from the shadows. He can quietly suppress any attempts of enemies to unite against him. Often there are informal leaders.

A person with a demonstrated antitotemom - "hands-hooks," he is defiant, the force spends on the separation of people.

In the year of birth Spider: Pascal, Bismarck, Petljura, Trotsky, Georges Pompidou, Mark Bernes, Arkady Raikin, Robert De Niro.