1929, 1961, 1993

Year lynx is related to testing, unexpected phenomena. Open their eyes to the true events that changes the disaster. Sometimes, when people of this zasluzhat may occur totem nightingale. People with totems lynx in appearance, there is something cat. Their behavior is unpredictable. So peaceful and quiet, then suddenly show anger and hatred. A lynx is always a mess, the collapse, but others do not forgive. People with these totems often seem disorderly, but can instantly come together and mobilize. They are full of optimism, ideas are overcrowded. They possess the gift of prophecy. People with totems nightingale noble bearing, a beautiful silvery voice. They have a strict manner, they are peace-loving, with a sense of dignity.

If a person is timid, hypocrite, trusliv, usluzhliv, asketichen, detail and sickener - an expression antitotema.

In the year of lynx (nightingale) born: Galvani, Napoleon, Arakcheev, Dahl, Hugo, Nobel, Mendeleev, Kipling, Brecht, Shukshin.