1924, 1956, 1988

This year involves a particular strength, stability, seriousness. Cases initiated in this year, have implications far. A person with a demonstrated totems Elephant is a large, massive body such as legs. He had long nose and short ears. An elephant is balanced: it is hard to ruffle, but then it is very difficult to stop. He was a giant force. Although he and conservative by nature, but is able to break down any barriers, if saw that it was necessary. Elephant - Custodian values tradition, home, the head of the family and its support. It is slow, but the emphasis appreciates cooperation with others. Despite its powerful exterior. Elephant mnitelen and does not trust himself, thus miss many good opportunities.

When people exercise antitotema stunted, fidgety, fickle, garrulous and deceitful, unreliable in the family.

In the year of Elephant born: L. Tolstoy, I. Levitan, M. Tsvetaeva, B. Okudzhava, George W. Bush, Carter.