1905, 1937, 1969, 2001

Year Sokol - time division, the battle for justice. People have manifested totems Sokol - people great flight, preachers and reformers of religions, brave, very proud, obsessed with patriotic ideas and resurrect the lost knowledge. To Sokol characterized some reckless. True, they might regret later on made, but could not resist. They can do much good with wise leadership, but never tolerate the dictates on them. In addition, they are dezorganizatory: if you need something to fall, Sokol was pleased to do so. Very much in their lives and theatrically exaggerated. Many people this year of birth often think about death and what will remain after them.

Antitotem appears in people clamorous, quarrelsome, cowardly, are not expensive nor love, nor his own past.

Sokol was born in the year: Dante, M. Kutuzov, S. Mamontov, Sergei Rachmaninov, Berdyaev, B. Akhmadulina, Vladimir Vysotsky.