1915, 1947, 1979

This year, gaining protection - many prayers come true, your wishes are carried out. In this year not to throw words to the wind. Births per year Soroki should be fast, spirited into the language, crafty, and they fearlessly unsnarl intrigues and gossips, instantly understand what's happening in and combine their own situation. This person should be able to do some of both. They are shifty, born players. Although Soroka and treschat "run, he can not throw words to the wind. If a person is deft, agile, and he kombinatorskoe logical thinking - that is evident totem Soroka. In addition, people can some times in life to change hair color.

Antitotem evident in the speech - these people tongue-tied, do not say many of the letters, they have delayed reaction to what is happening, they can not be trusted, no secret - they immediately proboltayutsya.

In the year Soroki born: Cleopatra, Byron, Has, A. Zhelyabov, Kafka, Mussolini, Edith Piaf, C. Rotaru.