1903, 1935, 1967, 1999

In this year's escalating tensions, struggles, contradictions. The wars that began in the year, reaching a particular tension. People born in the year Vepr, brave, courageous, fearless, decisive. Vepr is always ready to repulse the enemy, seeking to firstling. He is able to correctly assess its strength and does not accept the aimless action. In a peaceful environment, he listens to the opinion of others and to endure, especially to his. Vepr much forgive their loved ones, allowing them to get their neck. People with totems shown Vepr athletic physique, a large upper body and a big headache. Vepr possess indomitable temper, but perfectly able to obey the higher power idea.

A person with a demonstrated antitotemom Vepr greedy, evil, Kovar, izvorotliv, subordinated to the hierarchy of evil and fear works in the interests of big offender.

In the year Vepr born: Lomonosov, Derzhavin, Lavoisier, Garibaldi, Przewalski, a century Zabolotskaya, Alain Delon.