1921, 1953, 1985

Totem camel involves asceticism, endurance, ability to be satisfied with the small. A camel is not little. All he had to be with you always, and always very reasonably distributes and harmoniously. He nedoverchiv always expects the worst, can all oplevat. By the way, the more Camel man loves, the more ridicule him. He makes no secret of his attitude towards people rezok the language, knows his own worth and to just trying to get their own. These robust and hard-working people, hides under a mask and mockingly glumlivosti very serious attitude towards life. He is always ready to forgive much to the wife, your family and children, who soon learn self-reliance.

But when you see the mush, an infinite syusyukane, the lack of sound cynical, the desire to get udovolsvie - an expression antigotema.

In the year of the camel-born Catherine II, Pestel, Saltykov-Shchedrin, C. Chaplin, Hitler, Akhmatova, A. Sakharov, Yuri Nikulin.