1909, 1941, 1973, 2005

This is an active person who loves to fight in extreme conditions, is not afraid any danger, the man of honor, the traveler, which is difficult usidet on the ground. The patron of the year Wolf - Raman, deity elemental forces of nature, linked to cycles of life in the universe. Raman gives a man worthy of that, because of the volcano and the fire power to join the powerful rhythms of natural forces and the rise on the crest of a giant wave. This - charisma victory over the forces of the elements, the possibility of survival in extreme conditions. It is considered a favorable indicator of when a person born this year, shooting down tight, athletic figure and a powerful neck.

Antitotem linked with the need to break and destroy everything around and arrogantly flout over others, with such a person would also be tremendous power, but it is incredibly trusliv and ozloblen.

Wolf was born in the year: Bossche, Ekaterina Romanova 1, Gertsen, Verlaine, Nietzsche, Burdenko Plyatt, Andrei Mironov.