1917, 1949, 1981

Vorona Year - the year of injustice, exclusion, persecuted, epidemics. People have manifested totems Vorona - severe, harsh, separated. They do not like neither command nor obey, and are able to rouse himself from any trust and any oppression. He is able to anticipate events. High charisma Vorona - this charismatic prophet. People of the year of birth in a marriage shall, as a rule, very late or never acquires a family. And even within marriage, they did remain Odinokimi inside. This Raven is brezgliv and chistoploten. Raven has never lived in the bum.

If a person born in the year Vorona starts fawn, to adapt, to live handouts and alms, then it prostupili features antitotema. Such people rarely get out of debt forever burdened with family problems, sycophant, toady, is pale and puny appearance.

In the year Vorona born: F. Cooper, Baudelaire, Pisemsky, Dostoevsky, Nekrasov, Perovskaya, John Kennedy, I. Gandhi.