1912, 1944, 1976, 2008

Year under the patronage of Apam-Napata, turbulent flows, celestial deities, the earth and groundwater. High charisma of the year - purification of karma, harnessing the great mysteries of world harmony. This year, recalls that everything returns to its own interests - "serpent biting its tail." Year associated with karmic retribution. In this year's repeated often started when a long time. Totem of the year gives the variability, flexibility, mystical-minded intellect, intuition. Snake loyal, faithful. Secret and hidden for them will always be more important than the external, explicit. Man with Snake manifested totems should be thin, flexible, mobile and malorazgovorchivym. He is deeply planted eye and the ability to "keep the mind".

Manifestation antitotema - disorderly, to run some swivel-eyed eyes.

In the year of Snake born: Omar Khayyam, Petrarch, Denis Davydov, Paul Gauguin, A. Green, Sasha Cherny, Andrey Bely, Alexander Blok, Anna Pavlova, Richard Nixon.