Flexible and aristokratichnaya, light and sweet in life together. Using success, never abusing draw courtesy, can be a delicate and restrained, not impose their sympathies and feelings, does not require and do not wish to.

Modest to Puritanism, but always elegant. Not fond of moralizirovaniya. The full sense of action and tolerance, does not make one - vulgarity. Luxury and show it to any alien. Not in the shadow of her snobbery. Will all be living in the village, but can adapt to any place, just to be able to safely operate. Despite the elegant appearance, Birch grows at work and likes to work.

Her modest and sensitive nature determines its propensity to love with a quiet over. Sentimentality, is not afraid of feeling too passionate. It's loyal and true, knows how to create a home atmosphere of coziness and domestic happiness. It happens that the marital relation becomes somewhat rash, but never regrets about his choice.

Hell most distinctive for Berezay - intelligence. The strength of her imagination and ingenuity in the truth do not have borders. The work always takes creativity. Ability to think creatively and to translate their idea into reality, combined with its performance, it opens all doors. While that may engage in any activity, the most successful in the arts. Maloobschitelna, and it is the only drawback. High life, contacts with influential people do not attract her attention. Birch is often happy. It requires so little of life - quite close to her heart and a good library.

Personality traits were born under the sign of Birches: softness of the nature, synthesis, intuition, imagination.

Under the Sign of Birch birth: Gutenberg, Matejko, Streletsky.