Structured, beautiful. It belongs to those who live to extreme old age, preserving all the qualities inherent in youth. He was able to retain good form, stately silhouette, agility and flexibility movements. Always going, do not shy away from some coquetry.

If you fall in favorable conditions, he managed to achieve success in any field. It manifests agility and quickness in every situation. Full of various plans, which can successfully implement. Does not confuse themselves with the track. Can a good idea to organize your life.

It happens to be generous to him, although he usually raschetliv and safely organize your budget. It likes to share his or her property, spent it frugally.

Beech - the essence of a good, has many solid qualities, always weigh the pros and cons, never rely on the will of the case. In love he lacks imagination. An ideal husband (or wife). Strives to have children around to their home, a good holiday. In adults it may happen one or two adventures, and then more from the desire to show yourself and others that he was a young, attractive and cheerful.

Intellectual, organizational skills and has a sound mind. The observed materialist. First of all, wants to be rich, then, if you can - happy.

Personality traits were born under the sign of Buka: thoughtfully, accuracy, organizational skills, realism.

Under the Sign of Buka Puccini was born.