(04.06-13.06; 02.12-11.12)

A beautiful tree, but without much charm. Smolodu often very beautiful, but over time it loses quality. Hornbeam is a surrounding world with condescension. This type of aesthetes. He drew attention to form rather than content. In the privacy of its most interested in their own superiority.

He has raised the propensity to discipline and obedience. Likes Honor, dreams of awards and honors, seek admiration from others. Most of all he wants to obey the established order and, therefore, rarely has the initiative. Decision-making is accompanied by his fear of a mistake. This has a sense of responsibility and justice. Not fond of departures from generally accepted rules, were reluctant to go to the line and checked the road. And to new ideas treated with caution, at the same time as the opponent of the installation: "... but all the same".

In love is a great honesty. The feeling is considering as a matter of responsibility. It is nice and friendly partner. But if life will offer him a choice between love and duty, as a rule, chooses the second.

Personality traits were born under the sign of hornbeam: intellectual, intuition, imagination, inclined toward artistry.

Under the Sign of hornbeam born: Kornel, Musso, T. Mann, P. Gauguin, A. Khachaturyan, Schumann, W. Disney, Mary Stewart, Horatio, Robert Koch.