(14.06-23.06; 12.12-21.12)

This is a delicate tree, with expressive features. It has beauty, but does not remain unnoticed. Fig few vpechatlitelen and some complexes are not always and not always feel good. Requires living space and heat. Fade in adverse conditions. Bad moves difficulties. By becoming a sad, overcrowded bitterness dries. In such circumstances, his defensive system slabeet, and should be very careful to not kill the tree. It has a strongly developed sense of family. Is the need for continuous contact with their loved ones, even if they are unable to evaluate it and to justify his hopes. He has a need for stability, despite the fact that the self is not very constant in many ways.

The nature of emotional and condescending. Sometimes pay for this peace of mind and joy of life, the more that has resisted temptations. Although inconsistent, and (more often in the mind), but clearly is trying to carry out daily duties. He can rely on. He works diligently, though lazy at heart. Impulsiven and full of good intentions, but life goes in a constant struggle with their own weaknesses.

Figs - a realist and always busily and enterprising. This tree is the real treasures for their loved ones. It bears good fruit. Put him in his garden and look after them well - not regret. It is one of those with whom is married. But do not wait on his miracles, he does not belong to the romantic lovers. Simple feelings valued higher than any fantasy. " Any tree, without complexes, understand it, well it is combined.

Personality traits were born under the sign of figs: impulsiveness, practical intelligence, observation, realism, organizing abilities.

Under the Sign of figs were born: G. Heine, Beethoven, E. Piaf, B. Brandt, F. Garcia Lorca, Grieg, Stravinsky.