(15.05-24.05; 12.11-21.11)

Chestnut is very beautiful, dekorativen, but not trying to conquer its surrounding attractions. Need simple, full of vitality and strength. It has the innate sense of fairness, any breach would be an incentive for him to inadvertent motions. He is ready to defend its truth by any means, regardless of the consequences. Hostile to the true prudence, for all tactical and diplomatic maneuvers, is often unwittingly restores itself to the people. Lack of flexibility in dealing with other leads to the fact that he is changing a lot of work and experiencing a lot of disappointments, which long remembers as a very sensitive and vpechatlitelen.

Despite the persistence and endurance, is not rebellious. Can be slow and warning, which usually has no physical problems. Great importance attaches to the rules of morality and are often inclined to Puritanism, in spite of some sensitivity. Surprisingly, it is attracted to a life of convenience. Sometimes seems unsuited to life, but it is only a consequence of ill will and lack of confidence in oneself and others.

Chestnut nesgovorchiv too, to find understanding, and often enjoy the glory of human dishonesty. Perhaps this is due to his addiction to shock others. Requires a lot of love, but he could love in this Odin once and only because it is difficult to find happiness. The need for love and at the same time fear that it might not fall in love, to complicate his relationship with a partner. His systems are manifested in aggression, and often incomprehensible to others.

Intellectual life - live and concrete, based on observations. gifts, fast and accurate, but has a tendency to reverie and philosophical thought. In his life, much depends on the environment. The full development of abilities is only when their loved ones are in sympathy and understanding.

Personality traits were born under the sign of Chestnut: courage, realism, observation and insight, organizational skills.

Under the Sign of Chestnut born: Voltaire, Balzac, Henry Foundation, Pierre Curie, Lomonosov, Stevenson.