(11.04-20.04; 14.10-23.10)

Neat, well-groomed, sometimes even little skittish. It is often where the most interesting. Watches for fashion. It belongs to the ordinary people. Full of energy and vivacity, neutomim Maple, as they say, is always the occasion. It can be considered as individualistam. Although by its nature Maple restrained and nesmel, it may take a risky decision, based not so much a material factor, but the life interest. It likes to burn the house, happy to know new people. He has a gift to cause people to candor. But do not be afraid if something told him - he has never condemned other people's actions and not on other people's secrets Chats.

Usually it is full of plans, often unusual, extravagant. He likes all kinds of new items, to protect the enthusiasm of all the new ideas, but he rarely sells its own projects. This, however, did not prevent him to get satisfaction from their broad horizons. Is it a drop of cynicism. He does not like and not afraid of public opinion. For example, he likes to say about it.

In love, it is complicated. It is amazing and unforeseen roads. But that does not mean that he can not find happiness, if you meet a partner with the same thinking and taste. The mind is clear and incisive. Although full of problems, not deprived of any imagination or intuition. In short, the multilateral nature.

Personality traits were born under the sign of maple: a living character, a sense of humor, ability to deduction, analytical mind.

Under the Sign of maple were born: Catherine de Medici, Leonardo da Vinci, Anatole France, C. Chaplin, Lucretia Borja, Leopold Stokowski.