(11.03-20.03; 13.09-22.09)

Unheard charming and knows how to use their charm. Can smb each head. Dreams of a stable, secure, full of amenities of life and are often not aware that this is not it a great value. It easily adapts to any environment. It is enough to have a tent to create an atmosphere of domestic comfort. Quiet, with a kind and even a few limp, silent, shy, and she is pessimistic. Often Li'pa goes through life with a sense of boredom. This is its main enemy.

Sometimes fragile, especially sensitive to flattery. Full of contradictions, it is very difficult to decrypt. One, it clearly: it is very nice. To communicate with her very nice and easy to be a sense of mental comfort. Li'pa patiently listens to the other person, to respect its neighbors, does not seek to command them. Its all love, even when it is not possible to rely on.

It has a practical mentality, a penchant for technology, resourcefulness and accurate. If you meet in life soul - conjugal love can return it to equilibrium, relieve of contradictions. This has a strongly developed sense of dignity. Not jealous, often without reason.

Personality traits were born under the sign of limes: observation, realism, organizing abilities.

Under the Sign of lime were born in: A. Einstein, Louis XIV.