Low, sometimes on the border of beautiful and ugly, but not without charm. Most pester him rheumatism, so loves the sun and is suffering from his absence. Balanced, calm, there is nothing aggressive, all because of reluctance to complicate their lives. Can be tolerated, though its own views on life. Allows the opportunity to have their own opinion and also to others. Do not interfere in others' affairs.

Olive is so delicate that it is easy to blame the indifference, but she does not care. On the contrary, in case of need it, anyone can ask for help.

In any situation not to part with a smile. Partly because of one's emotions, but primarily because it is meaningless to unsettle nervous system. It has the ability to pass their state of calmness and serenity around.

While oil and good heart, she has a sufficient share of mind and common sense to not allow to exploit their kindness. Differs innate sense of justice. All understood, can enter into another's situation, and the inherent fairness compels forget about itself. She knows this in advance and therefore tolerated. Her love and appreciate, even though she does nothing to impress the other. In communion with them restrained.

In love olive trying not to be jealous, respected the independence of the partner, even if it is suffering silently. Sometimes what's on the far-reaching concessions to the repudiation of his own love. But it does not say about its weakness and docility. Simply Olives is essential for peace.

It features a great intelligence, devotes much time thinking, likes to read, learn and expand their horizons. While not seeking to do so, always attracts attention and sometimes famous. Belongs to the people, bringing peace and happiness of others, leaving behind good memories.

Features born under the sign of Olives: loyalty judgments, analytical mind, ability to deduction and reflection.

Under the Sign of Olives was born August emperor.