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Naturalness in his eyes is not a virtue. He cares about style, thin and elegant manners, in reality, he just robok. Walnut is often composed of contradictions, sometimes whimsical, aggressive, selfish. But he also gostepriimen, polite, bold in concept. It can be as loyal and faithful, and non-permanent. Do not know how he will do in a given case and how to contact them.

Without any reason gives and denies their friendship and love. Sometimes love is to suffer and be happy makes others suffer. He must be sure to complicate the situation. Muchimy need of its exclusivity, jealous and friendly, Nut is not balance. If you love him or was with him in the friendly relations will be continuously exposed to a surprise. 'll Get them if you feel that you can resist its influence, otherwise it is entirely subordinate to its will you.

In life, can be excellent strategist. A well-appreciated consequences of their intentions are decided on a very treacherous actions can not restrain themselves redundant remorse. Most wins around the speed of action. However, there are nuts-and demure.

Try to make his life was not ordinary. Not afraid of risks, not trying to please, no compromises, no walks protoptannymi tracks. A nut is a lot of friends, as well as many enemies. Considers that can count only on himself. Cares about preserving its own independence and identity. Sometimes it's special, which could not fail to notice and to be reckoned with.

Personality traits were born under the sign of nuts: determination, observation, organizational skills.

Under the Sign of the nut were born: Kant, Catherine II, Elizabeth II (English), Shakespeare, Paganini, Columbus, Dostoevsky.