(22.03-31.03; 24.09-03.10)

Often weak, nevzrachen. Do not leave a print of his "I" in the opinion of others. But if you meet him, it is impossible not to succumb charm that he radiates, does not see his original mind.

Ores(nik satisfied with small, adapts to various conditions of life and understanding. His appearance makes almost magical effect. If you want, you might like, knows how to make love to. Can be good, wise, patient, but may be dangerous, evil, harmful. All of witchcraft - white or black, depending on his mood, or a minute own caprice. Without the balance of good or evil sophistication - this is Ores(nik, and not without reason people born under this sign are often accused of witchcraft. Tied to someone he will do everything possible to facilitate his life. But be careful, if not his sympathies zavoyuesh.

Despite the modesty and restraint, never goes unnoticed. It is an original, not like anybody, interprets life differently than all, and sometimes - "cross".

Even when his love, he wakes anxiety. Can guess the most secret thoughts, to make unexpected proposals received so that you can expect from it all. Very neuravnoveshen may be initiated, and could all leave and go with the tide. Is aware of this, even if a person poses as a very prudent.

In love may be your favorite or most wrenching partner. Is the rapid change of mood. 'll Get them if not afraid of risk. If the joint life with him will not bring peace, it will be very exciting.

Encompassing knowledge, learning, and realizes all of the unusually quickly and easily. But only on the good will depend whether he will apply his knowledge to benefit fully.

Personality traits were born under the sign Ores(nik: propensity for the synthesis, intuition, imagination.

Under the Sign of Ores(nik born: Toscanini, Marcel Marceau, Raphael, Goya, Van Gogh, Haydn, Prosper Me'rime'e, Graham Greene, Nelson, Sophia Loren, Servantes.