(01.04-10.04; 04.10-13.10)

For fragile exterior hides an unusually strong personality. Mila and charming, and easy to walk, you can see it from afar. The smile did not leave her face, not so much because of internal funny, but because of self-control. Can emphasize dignity, likes to dress well. She has good taste. Accustomed to the rapidly changing environment. He likes to bring other people joy, even at the expense of its own. Not selfishly, but somewhat self-centered. Independently, but sometimes allows himself to put in dependent status. Endeavor, however, to live independent lives. A great sense of responsibility led to feel guilty for everything that happens (a set of fault). Contacts with the difficult, complicated relationship. It lacks simplicity.

It is characterized by sensitivity to external influences, love of beauty, loyalty and amiability. It can always be relied on. Sometimes it is nai"ve and allows itself to operate. In provides a lot of love, but also requires a great deal. Constantly checks feeling. It can not be deceived.

Sorb not sell. Her personal life is very rich. Full worry about tomorrow. Prudence, often suggesting conjugal relations with her. Very clever and often very effectively. It happens that some of its plans does not sell, pogryaznuv in everyday affairs.

Personality traits were born under the sign of ash: sensitivity, intellect, imagination, inclined toward the synthesis, intuition, imagination.

Under the Sign of ash were born: Gogol, Kollontai, Rachmaninov, Andersen, Zola, M. Brando, Gregory Peck, Diderot, Le Corbusier, Verdi.