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Decorativeness, Slenderness and beauty from early youth. Over the years, however, itself poses a problem. Very sensitive to the passage of time, too early to begin to fear old age, from the fear of further aging. Only the good influence of others can help, so you must carefully choose the people with which to communicate.

You must also exercise caution when changing the seat: not every environment is conducive to the development of poplar. Topol feels bad in cramped conditions, but does not like, but live separately. Feels the need to mate, but suffers from the environment of persons, not selected themselves. Very sensitive to the deprivations of liberty, and easily falls into pessimism. We try not to show it, but no one can long be misleading.

His love is sensitive to the slightest trouble, and even little things can take it out of balance. At times, melt itself, but more often he is able to hide, and this silence is a sort of pleasure.

Courage and pride of helping him to overcome the most difficult task, and on his face is seldom to be seen to concern. Those who knew him little, often for a person calm and cheerful.

Topol was not a materialist has the propensity to altruism. This beautifully organized and do not forget about the future. In the marriage - it is difficult to happiness, it is too sensitive and too independent. His weapon in marital clashes is indifference, plus a smile and a joke. If you will not be able to do otherwise, tends to stand in relation to the hostile partner.

There is a subtle innate intelligence, which is not older. His insight and a critical habit of mind can sometimes have an impact on his ambitions. Many poplar occurs among doctors.

Personality traits were born under the sign of Poplars: the need for independence, the tendency to neurasthenia, and the synthesis of dreaminess, intuition and imagination.

Under the Sign of Poplars born: Mendeleev, Jules Verne, A. Hitchcock, Salvador Dali.