(12.01 - 24.01; 15.07 - 25.07)

Large, slender, beautiful. It is very attractive to others, but is in itself something deterrent. Not so, however, followed them, worn with a simple, often can not part with your old favorite sweaters.

Elm neprityazatelen and does not like to complicate their lives. Characterized by its calm and poise. The most notable shortcoming - procrastination. Inclination to moralizirovaniyu - the most obnoxious trait.

Straightforward and open, generosity disarms. Believes in human kindness. The case, which protects - is always noble, and he believes that sooner or later will make a confession. Stronger than the other is experiencing failure. Can be done for the benefit of their loved ones, have developed a sense of responsibility. In the feelings of passion, maybe even passionate. If you choose it will be successful, he will be able to create conditions so that the love of his home survived the Diamond wedding.

He likes to lead and significantly, to a lesser extent - to obey. Has an impact on others and often uses its influence. Art in the management of people. His claim is as great as the love that gives itself. attributed to him patiently, it's worth it. Can be very loyal. Has a good mind and skilful hands. It features a living mind, the concrete and practical. It has a sense of humor, and often this sense of his saves in the moments of frustration.

His life will be pleasant and without any shocks, ie that what he himself wants.

Personality traits were born under the sign of elm: Supervisory, leadership, realism.

Under the Sign of elm born: Moliere, Edgar By Albert Schweitzer, Stendhal.