13 people at the table may be unhappy numbers if you are prepared, only 12 cutlets.
Grucho Marx

It is believed that 13 - the number of unhappy.

Some people figures labeled. In the ancient Jews number 13 and the word death written by one mark. The thirteenth letter of Hebrew alphabet - "mem".

13 lariat Tarot Cards - Death. Thirteenth Path of Wisdom from kabbalistov - the way of death.

In Christianity, 13 - are also unhappy number. In "The Last Supper" involved 13 people (12 apostles and Christ). It came to believe that the first who lift from the table, which seated 13 people, will die within a year. 13 of unhappily especially if falls on a Friday (day of the crucifixion)

Triskaidekafobiya (fear of thirteen) distributed throughout the world. In many countries, people are trying to avoid the number 13. For example in the U.S. there is no floor numbered 13, in France there is no houses numbered 13, some 12 seat aircraft is 14.

There are "thirteen clubs." Such clubs exist in the U.S., France and some other countries. Members (13) collected 13 of each month in Room 13 and arrange meals for 13 persons.