Seven - one of the most amazing numbers. Seven - the number of religious order, a sacred number. All the peoples of the world have paid special attention to number seven.

According to Holy Scripture, seven - by a number. It is ruled by time and space.

In Egypt, the seven - the symbol of eternal life, of the god Osiris. According to legend, in the seventh hour of the night snake Apofisu podplyvaet the boat of Ra, the dead pass through seven halls and seven doors to get in Amerti. In addition, seven - the symbol of creation (as in Christianity).

In ancient Greece, seven - the symbol of Apollo. Apollo was born on the seventh day of the month, the lyre has seven strings. In the legends can be found seven Gesperid, the seven circles of hell, the seven gates, seven daughters Ashtaroth, Cyclops, seven, seven children niobium, seven tubes Pan flute, etc.

The number seven is mentioned in the Old and New Testament 700 (!) Times. In Islamic tradition there are seven brides and seven lands, seven gates of heaven, and seven levels of hell, seven prophets (Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus, Muhammad). During the Hajj in Mecca, the pilgrims have to walk around seven times the holy Kaaba stone. Seven days Soul hold near the graves of the deceased. On the seventh day of a newborn gets a name.

Ancient knew seven planets and each of them betrayed a great value.

Seven - the most mysterious and sverhestestvennoe number, it is the most important and magical. By tradition, the seventh son of seventh father possesses magical abilities.

Great Lugulannemundu Sumerian king who ruled in 2500 BC. e., arrayed in his temple the goddess of the city of Adab Nintu. The temple has seven gates and seven doors, and when he was zavershon, he dedicated the seven times, bringing the sacrifice of seven bulls and sheep.

Within seven days of Yeshua to Israelis bypassed the wall of Jericho by seven priests, who had seven trumpets, and on the seventh day, they walked around the city seven times and cried at the seventh time, and the walls collapsed, and they destroyed the city.

Seven seals, seven bowls of wrath, seven Gromov, seven golden candlesticks, seven heads of the beast, the seven colors of the rainbow, seven notes, seven heroes, the seven dwarves, seven days a week, the seven winds, the seven pillars of Wisdom, for the seven mountains, seven pyadey in the forehead Seven Fridays a week, seven, seven, seven...

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