Fig tree

Fertility, life, peace, prosperity. Fig tree represents the Tree of Knowledge at times, and combines the symbols of both male and female principles as the fig leaf has the male symbol lingama and fig - female yoni symbols.

Fig-leaf is lust and sex. "Fig-leaf is drunkenness, and movement and, say, like a man's penis" (Plutarch).

Basket figami mean fertility and presents a woman as goddess or mother. Associated with the vine as a place of rest and quietness, as well as with the breast as a "tree with many breasts".

In Buddhism it is the sacred Bo tree under which Buddha achieved insight.

In the Christian symbolism of fig is used instead of the apple in the Garden of Eden.

In Greco-Roman tradition is dedicated to Dionysus (Bacchus), Priapu, Jupiter and Silvan. Has a phallic meaning.

Jewish means peace, prosperity, a lot. Symbol of Israel with the vine.

Islam The Tree of Heaven, the sacred, as they swore to Mohammed.

We the peoples of the Pacific Tree of Life and the object of various rituals.