Lavr - a symbol of victory, protection, immortality and secret knowledge.

Aromatic varieties laurels were koranatsionnoy emblem of Greece and Rome for the soldiers (as a symbol of victory), so (laurel tied with the god Apollo) and emperors. Julius Caesar put laurel wreath at the official ceremony (it is assumed that it was probably intended to hide his lysinu than to remind the Romans of his status immortal). Emperor Tiberius enough for his laurel wreath during thunderstorms, because believed that laurel can zschitit of lightning.

On the British coins of Charles II, George I, George II, and Elizabeth II portrayed with laurel wreaths.

As a symbol of superiority, laurel wreath included in the symbols of automobile companies (Alfa Romeo, Fiat "," Mercedes-Benz").< br />
Lavr - a symbol of purification. Apollo cleansed themselves in laurel groves Tempeyskoy Valley Thessaly after the assassination Pithon (monstrous snake). Nymph Daphne turned into a laurel to escape it harassment of Apollo.

Lavr - a symbol of magical power. Plant prophet and tell fortunes. Before we pronounce a prediction, they were burned or chewed laurel leaves.

In North America, is considered a talisman of laurel and laurel in China - the tree under which the lunar hare prepares elixir of immortality.

In the Christian tradition laurel - the symbol of eternal life.

In masonstve during the initiation of 4-th degree of secrecy Masters at the altar placed laurel wreath.