Symbolizes purity, peace, resurrection, and royalty. Dedicated to all the virgin Goddess, Mother, Single. In addition, lily represented fertility Goddess of Earth, and then the gods of Heaven.

In the West, Lily has the same symbolism as the lotus in the East. A number of lilies on a single stalk mean virginity, rebirth and immortality.

In Alchemy white lily symbolizes the feminine principle.

In Christianity, the lily - is the purity and innocence, the symbol of the Virgin Mary. Direct stem lily symbolizes her divine mind, it leaves drooped - modesty; aroma - Divinity, white - purity.

Lily is a symbol of the Annunciation and the holy virgins, emphasizing their purity. Flower of the East.

Dante called it the "lily of faith".

Lily, surrounded by thorns, is Immaculate Conception, the purity of the sins of our world. It is the emblem of Saint Anthony of Padua, Francis of Assisi, Casimir, Catherine Siena, Clara, Dominica, Evfinii, Francis Xavier, Joseph.

In the art of lily, depicted on one side and a sword in the other, mean, respectively, innocence and guilt.

Do Egyptians lily - a symbol of fertility, but in this as a more frequent lotus.

In Greco-Roman mythology lily means purity. Lily has grown from milk and is an emblem of Gera Gera (UNON) and Diana as a symbol of virginity.

Do Jews lily means and confidence the Lord is the emblem of the tribe of Judah.

In the Islamic symbolism of the lily can be exchanged hyacinth.

In the Minoan culture of lily - the main attribute of the goddess Britomartis.

In Sumero-Semitic tradition lily means fertility and fecundity.