As the solar-lunar, Lotus is also androginom, self-sufficient and pure in its purity. Images of flames, rising from a lotus, is treated as a divine revelation, and the Union dualistichnyh forces of fire and water, the Sun and the Moon, the men and women.

Lotus flower and leaf may support the existence, at any level.

In Assyrian, Phoenician, and hittskoy cultures lotus funeral is important and represents the death and rebirth, Sunday, and the future life, the productive forces of nature.

If the lotus is depicted next to the bull, he has the solar value and is associated with the gods of the Sun. Pictures from the cow, it becomes an attribute of a lunar and lunar goddesses. He often appears on the images, along with a lion, sheep, goose, swan and the swastika. Associated with the cobra lotus means giving life and conquer death because of the Great Mother; dual nature shown by the world, tension between opposites in the process of transformation in the final unity.

Tysyachelepestkovy lotus - a symbol of the Sun, the vault of heaven, but to the man symbolizes the skull. Tron in the form of a lotus is perfect harmony in the universe, the summit of spiritual perfection. Two lotus mean upper and lower waters.

In Buddhism lotus symbolizes the initial water potential of the world and man shown in it, a spiritual opening and flowering; wisdom nirvana. Stem of lotus - it is the world's axis, which is a lotus-flower throne - the spirit of the summit. Lotus is dedicated to the Buddha, appeared from the lotus in the form of a flame, named "The Pearl Lotus." Buddha is considered the heart of a lotus, he sat on the throne in the form of fully opened flower.

Lotus - one of the Eight-Treasure or favorable marks. According to the tradition of Chinese Buddhism, "Lotus Heart" represents the solar light, as well as time, invisible, and engrossing, the disclosure of all things, peace, harmony, union. Full flowering lotus, when it repeats the form of a wheel represents the Circle of existence and is a symbol of Amitabha, Guan-iiya and Maytreyi Buddha. Bodhisattva standing on the flowers that have not yet dissolved. Attribute of the White Tara, the Mother of all Buddhas, is a book of wisdom, educate, resting on a lotus, which means spiritual blossoming.

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