In the Chinese culture of lotus is the purity, perfection, spiritual elegance, peace, female genius, summer, fecundity. In addition, the lotus symbolizes the past, present and future, as each plant has buds, flowers and seeds at the same time. Lotus - a symbol of a noble man, emerged from the mud, but it is not soiled.

In the Egyptian lotus means "fire of intellect, creation, fertility, rebirth, immortality, the royal power. It is the emblem of the Upper Nile, while the emblem of the lower Nile is the papyrus, are shown together, they represent their union. Dedicated to Gore: "It is a lotus, lotus net, offset field of the Sun" (The Book of the Dead). Four sons Gore stood before Osiris on a lotus. Being linked to the god Amon-Ra in Fivah, Lotus has a solar significance, but when it keeps Hathor - lunar. As an attribute of Isis it represents fertility, virginity, purity, the Virgin Mother.

In the iconography of the Egyptian lotus appears along with the bull, lion, sheep, griffins, sphynx, and the snake.

In Greco-Roman culture of lotus - the emblem of Aphrodite (Venus).

In Hinduism lotus - a symbol of the universe as a passive part of the world was revealed, the supreme form or aspect of the earthly, the eternal essence of creating power, an engine in the open waters of self, samorozhdenny, immortal and spiritual nature of man, the disclosure of all abilities, eternal life, superhuman beginning, purity, beauty , longevity, health, fame, fortune, especially for children. At the same time, the lotus represents the solar principle, the throne of Brahma, born from a lotus. Agni, too, was born from a lotus. As a reflection of solar lotus is considered the emblem of the solar gods and Vishnu Suri, as the lunar principle - neikonichesky character or Padma Shri Lakshmi, the goddess of "wet", the wife and the beloved of Vishnu. " Resting on the open waters of the sun lotus symbolizes the interaction between Purushey and Prakriti.

Lotus at the threshold of the temple deity, and is home state of cleanliness and impassivity required at the time of prayer. Lotus flowers with a triple triple aspect represents time.

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