Lotus is a symbol of peace, as well as the center of the flower is sometimes portrayed as Mount Meru in the sense of the world axis. Chakras are often depicted as a lotus, which in this context take on the symbolism of the wheel, with the awakening which reveals its center, and the chakra begins to spin.

In Iran, lotus symbolizes the sun and light.

In the Mayan symbolism it represents the Earth, shown by the universe.

In Sumero-Semitic tradition lotus symbolizes the sun and solar deities, and lunar gods from the Great Mother.

In addition, it symbolizes the one hand, the creative force, but on the other hand - funeral, life, death, resurrection and immortality.

Do Taoists sunny flower - so outer wheel of life, spiritual disclosure heart emblem of a Daoist immortal geniuses Zen Ho-Ku.

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