This flower got its name from the Greek god Narcissus. Narcissus differed extraordinary beauty. Once he saw his reflection in the water and died unable to remove the eye. Narcissus - a symbol of selfishness.

Narcissus - the flower of spring, a symbol of death in adolescence (Narcissus blooms and fades quickly). Persephone narcissuses collected when the chariot of the god Hades escaped out of the ground and took it to the underground kingdom. The Greek name of a flower (Narcissus) is a common root with the word "anesthesia". Narcissus is also called "grass of oblivion" (because of their narcotic properties).

In China, narcissus (Xu-zyan), or water immortelle, symbolizes a pair of lovers (happy marriage), but if he zatsvetet for the New Year - the happiness in the coming year.

In Persia smell the scent of narcissus called adolescence. His direct and strong stem, made it the emblem of Islam and dedicated service, and faith.

Narcissus is the Welsh national emblem.

In the language of flowers narcissus - the symbol of deceptive hopes, desires, egoism. Narcissus - timid flower lovers.