Mean immortality, fertility. In the wedding rituals to ensure fertility, peace and abundance (because of its oil is very valuable).

Olive branch, particularly in its beak doves - is, first and foremost a symbol of peace, as well as the Golden Age. She served as the award winner at competitions in honor of the Virgin Moon, like the apple tree in the competitions in honor Zheniha-Sun.

Olive tree is considered to be dwelling serves as the moon and its emblem.

Olive crown on the head with winners identified the girl with the Hero and the Moon, and the winner of a wreath at the Olympic Games of wild olive branches symbolize Zeus, and two - the sacred marriage of Zeus and Gera, the Sun and the Moon. List olive updating means life.

In China, means peace, fortitude, generosity and elegance.

In Christianity, olive-tree - the fruit of the church, true believers and the world. Dove with an olive branch symbolizes the soul just fly off, pochivshih in the world. In the scenes of the Annunciation with the olive branch is sometimes portrayed archangel Gabriel.

In Greco-Roman traditions Oliva represents accomplishment and peace. It was believed that the olive tree on the Acropolis has a life and destiny of the people. The emblem of Zeus (Jupiter), Athena (Minerva), Apollo and Cybele. Olive Wreath put the winner of competitions in honor of Gera and Athens.

In Jewish tradition it is the power, beauty, safety on the road.