In China, means fragrance, sweetness in the desolate, prosperity. Her metaphysical symbols associated with the lotus.

In Christianity, the rose - the flower of paradise thanks to its beauty, perfection and fragrance. White roses - innocence, purity, chastity, the Virgin Mary; red - charity and martyrdom, it grew from drops of blood of Christ on Calvary. Garland of roses - a symbol of heavenly bliss as the Mother of God and Heaven Roses, Rose of Sharon - this is the church. Thorns roses - a sin that began with the fall, and rose without thorns, "or mystical Rose - is the Virgin, the Immaculate Conception liberated from the consequences of original sin. Golden Rose - the emblem of the Pope, has also meant a special papal blessing. Rose is also the emblem of the holy Angela, Kekilii, Dorofei Kappadokiyskoy, Elizabeth of Hungary, Rosalia, Rose of Lima and Rosa of Viterbo.

In Egypt, roses were dedicated to Isis, symbolizing pure love, liberated from the fictional characters and used in the mysteries of Isis and Osiris. The symbolic significance of a lotus.

In Greco-Roman tradition Rose - triumphant love, joy, beauty, desire, the emblem of Aphrodite (Venus).

Roses grown in gardens in the crypts as a symbol of resurrection and eternal spring.

They were brought to the festival Rosalia and scattered on the graves. Roman Emperor wore a wreath of roses. Red Rose has grown from the blood of Adonis. Rosa - the emblem of Aurora, Helios, Dionysus and the Muses.

Jewish tradition (Kabbalah): the center of the flower - it is the sun, the petals - the infinite, to the harmonious diversity of nature. Rose comes from the tree of life.

Hinduism: parallel to the mystical symbolism of Roses is the lotus as a symbol of a spiritual center, especially the chakras.

Islam rose symbolizes the blood of the prophet, and his two sons Hassan and Hussein, his two "eyes" or two "roses".

In Baghdad Rose first circle symbolizes the Law, the second - the way, the third - the knowledge, and all three - the truth, and the names of Allah.

Rozenkreytsery: Rose and the Cross - this mystical Rose of the wheel and the cross, rose - it is the divine light of the universe, and the cross - transitory world of suffering and sacrifice. Rose growing on the tree of life that symbolizes rebirth and resurrection. Rose in the center of the cross - so the four elements and the point of unity.

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