Car symbols

Mercedes Benz Mercedes-Benz
Volkswagen Volkswagen
Jaguar Jaguar
Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo
Audi Audi
Ferrari Ferrari

Alfa Romeo
"Alfa Romeo", the company name associated with the name Nicola Romeo, who skolotil capital on sale of equipment for the transport of soil.

"Audi" was founded in 1909, Augusto Horchem immediately after as he had to leave "Horch Werke, a company that he founded a decade earlier.

"BMW" is the abbreviated name "Bayerische motorenverke, companies appeared in 1916 as a result of merger between Rapp Flugmotorenverke "and" Otto-Werke, two small companies that produce aircraft.

"Ferrari" was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929.

"Jaguar" derived from "Suollou Saydkar Company, established in Blackpool William Lyons in his 21 birthday.

In 1886, Karl Benz built the world's first car with a gasoline engine. The car was three-. In the same year...

"Volkswagen" (people's car ") was developed by Professor Ferdinand Porsche as the perfect small car. The plant for the production of "Volkswagen" was built in the 80 kilometers to the east of...