Alfa Romeo

Alfa-Romeo "Alfa Romeo", the company name associated with the name Nicola Romeo, who skolotil capital on sale of equipment for the transport of soil. The second part of the name comes from "alpha" (Anonima Lombaro Fabbrica Automobili), the company that he headed in 1915. The red cross on a white field and a snake with a crown appeared with the family coat of arms of Visconti, Dukes of Milan. Snake allegedly bloodthirsty dragon symbolizes that are ravaging the neighborhood of Milan in a 5 th century. e. And Humberto killed, the father of the names of Visconti. Cross goes back to the first crusade (1095 - 1099), which was attended by the soldiers and of Lombardy. For a long time, the emblem surrounded laurel wreath. He appeared in 1926 in memory of that car company won a "Grand Prix" at the World Stave v Z(IVO in 1925.